Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

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Week 7

Continue with Search engine optimization

  •  On site 
  •  Link Building

Link building and web site promotion

On site

TEXT (content with keywords)

my friends when finding what product or service for your website it is important to know what to expect and the keywords that you can target for your site. you can use google directly at https://ads.google.com/home/tools/keyword-planner/
or easier one but they get the info from google so you can easily grab in a simple form, I suggest you try both https://www.wordtracker.com/

Headers (h1,h2 and h3)

alt text alternative text on images, it is a rule from google to help blind people. it is an important aspect to make your site searchable by google, so it must be done.

keywords find which keywords that have some volume and what competition they have.

internal Linkage link between your pages. 

Onsite SEO is all about optimizing your titles, content, webpages, tags, and your website as a whole for the keywords you wish to rank for. 

Offsite SEO, on the other hand, involves having links to your site from other authority sites in your niche.

Offsite SEO

so now we have to create links fromyour site to other sites, for example if you can find a place to add your site to related important site then you are half way to start making money.

But even adding links to normal sites can be very rewarding. For example the hargeisaweb.com that we worked on it is now on the first page of google. 

One is because it is well optimized onsite, then because we added some sites from outside to the hargeisaweb, and last because the competition is clueless….

as you remember I bought some links, a list is below so you can add your site manually perhaps by creating a post with content to your to your site with important keywords that you going to target

Here is the visio Report of PBN Backlinks Campaign.

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