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Digital Marketing

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Week 3 Lesson A

Content Marketing


what is content marketing?


posts, blogs, videos, related questions, check google (after your query, there are sometimes questions)

videos must be authentic users

(helps to find related question which you then use to create content)

Target Consumers and anticipate customers needs. (example a Samsung A30 and a Samsung a70)

The correct time when to post or run the ads.

case study:

  1. ads on specific time, like tea for ladies at specific time when they want tea
  2. ads for high school children start the ad at 10:00 am during the school break

>>network of sites sharing content with links. although a marketing person has to be careful that search engines do not penalize

Mobile Marketing >> the future
two-way communication
based location

case studies
refugee child in London


digital world vs analog world

advantages of digital marketing



But the uses of analog could be extremely important

case study

invite prospective buyers to an hotel for idea exchange >>>> analog digital synergy

Future trends

IP v4 vs IP v6
internet of things

mixed reality
virtual reality
3d printing


Weekly talk


CV (can I help?)
daily news
web site >>> Business
ngo >> volunteer work

Taiwan offers scholarships to Somaliland students



Links for the week


WP Statistics