Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

Paulo Santos

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Week 6

Lesson Plan: Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To introduce learners to the fundamental principles of SEO, focusing on on-site optimization techniques and the significance of link building.

1.5 hours

Materials Required:

  • A computer with internet access
  • A demonstration website (preferably both HTML-based and WordPress)
  • Access to SEO tools and plugins

Part 1: Understanding SEO (15 minutes)
1.1. Introduction to SEO: What it is and its significance
1.2. The distinction between On-site SEO and Link Building

Part 2: On-Site SEO (60 minutes)

2.1. TEXT (Content with Keywords) (15 minutes)
– Importance of creating content that incorporates relevant keywords
– How keyword-rich content enhances site visibility on search engines

2.2. Headers (H1, H2, H3) (15 minutes)
– Explaining the hierarchy of header tags and their role in SEO
– Demonstration: Editing header tags in an HTML site (via code) and on a WordPress site (via page editor)

2.3. Alt Text (15 minutes)
– Understanding the role of alt text in enhancing image searchability
– Demonstration: Adding alt text in an HTML site (editing code) and on a WordPress site (using a plugin)

2.4. Keywords (10 minutes)
– Introduction to keyword research and its significance
– Tools and strategies for identifying relevant keywords

2.5. Internal Linkage (5 minutes)
– The importance of interlinking web pages within the same site
– Best practices for creating meaningful and SEO-friendly internal links

Part 3: Link Building (15 minutes)

3.1. Basics of Link Building (5 minutes)
– Understanding the concept of backlinks as “votes” from the web
– Why high-quality backlinks are crucial for SEO

3.2. Strategies for Effective Link Building (10 minutes)
– Identifying potential sites for backlinks
– Approaching webmasters and bloggers for link opportunities

Conclusion (5 minutes)

  • Summarizing key takeaways
  • Encouraging learners to apply the techniques to their websites
  • Opening the floor for questions and further discussions


  • Optimize an existing website using the discussed on-site SEO techniques
  • Research potential sites for backlink opportunities and draft outreach emails