Software Engineering

Paulo Santos


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Week By Week


1st week

What to expect on this course. (online web site with a business, products or solutions)

Entrepreneurship historical perspective (from agriculture to commerce)

Who are the entrepreneur. Example of the current entrepreneurs in the world, from facebook to microsoft)

Online eCommerce (online commerce) annual worldwide amount from 2001 to today


2nd week

Understanding product and solutions

Understanding targeting customers with the correct product or solution

Start team work on how to develop a product and solution


3rd week

Develop and research payment system ( credit card option to receive international payments)


4th week

Start a research a domain and keywords target (free domains from dot TK)

Research web site and Hosting


5th week

Setup a hosting account and web site (free or I will provide the hosting myself) (introduction to wordpress frame)


6th week

Search engine optimization

Link building and web site promotion

Continue on week 7


8th week

Outsource with freelancer sites or forum

Have the students registering on this sites

Suggestion to offer jobs (gigs) on this sites


9th week

Continue with web site adding products and plugins to increment site security and optimization


10th week

Introduction to social Media facebook, twitter and Instagram

students obliged to add profile on

Create online networks of other students

Invited to join other students from universities in other countries


11th week

Evaluation and assessment