Software Engineering

Paulo Santos


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Week By Week


Week 1:

  • Course Introduction: Discuss the course objectives and outline.
  • Entrepreneurship in Historical Perspective: Explore the transition from agriculture to commerce.
  • Exemplary Entrepreneurs: Highlight influential entrepreneurs like those behind Facebook and Microsoft.
  • Online eCommerce: Present the annual worldwide growth of online marketing from 2001.

Week 2:

  • Understanding Products and Solutions: Analyze the importance of developing a comprehensive understanding of products or solutions.
  • Targeting Customers: Explore strategies for identifying the appropriate target audience for a product or solution.
  • Teamwork for Product Development: Initiate collaborative work among students to develop a product or solution.

Week 3:

  • Researching Payment Systems: Focus on researching and understanding payment systems, including options for international payments.

Week 4:

  • Domain and Keywords Research: Introduce the concept of domain selection and keyword targeting.
  • Web Research and Hosting: Guide students through the process of researching web hosting providers and selecting an appropriate website.

Week 5:

  • Setting Up Hosting Account and Website: Provide instructions on setting up a hosting account and website, utilizing either a free option or instructor-provided hosting. Introduce the WordPress framework.

Week 6:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Teach techniques for optimizing websites for search engines.
  • Link Building and Website Promotion: Explore strategies to build relevant links and promote websites. Continuation from Week 7.

Week 7:

  • Continued Focus on Link Building and Website Promotion.

Week 8:

  • Outsourcing with Freelancer Sites or Forums: Introduce platforms for outsourcing tasks and projects.
  • Registration on Freelancer Sites: Guide students through the process of registering on freelancer sites.
  • Suggest Offering Jobs on Freelancer Sites: Encourage students to consider posting job opportunities (gigs) on freelancer platforms.

Week 9:

  • Website Enhancement: Expand on website development by adding products and plugins to improve site security and optimization.

Week 10:

  • Introduction to Social Media: Explore the use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for business purposes.
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation: Instruct students to create profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Online Networking: Encourage students to connect with students from universities in other countries.

Week 11:

  • Evaluation and Assessment: Conduct evaluations and assessments to measure student progress and understanding of the course material.