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Online eCommerce

With our Entrepreneurship course I will show you how it is easy to start with a online shop.

Products and Solutions

Whereas a product has the potential of doing something, a solution is the application of a product to solve a specific industry need or business problem.

Payment Systems

With 2checkout  and Payoneer, with a bank account here in your country everything is possible.

Domains and Hosting

You will play with the hosting dashboard CPANEL, and start your own site with wordpress.

WordPress and Security

Before the course is finished you will be familiar with WordPress as you are with your Mobile.

Search Engine Optimization

This is it, I will teach you how to be on the first positions on Google. SEO is the Key.

Website Development

What about if you start a web development Agency? We will do it together.

Social Media and Forums

Facebook is not only for sharing photos with your friends. You can make a nice sum $$$ with facebook. I will guide you all the way.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

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