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Digital Marketing

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Week By Week


Week 1

lesson A

Introduction to digital marketing
Obtain a rich understanding of the foundation of marketing and how this foundation is being shifted due to the rise of the digital revolution.
Apply critical thinking skills regarding the role of digital tools and their impact upon both firms and consumers.
Learn several real-world examples of how digital tools are being applied to enhance and enrich a variety of marketing activities.
what jobs can you find as marketers, examples? (ethan clinic)


Lesson B

the concept of the 4 Ps or the Marketing Mix

Customer Co-Creation >> Case Study Introduction: Threadless Tshirts 2000 fade 2014
Sharing Economy >> Uber>>> airbnb>> lending club


Understand what promotion is and how it fits into the marketing mix.
The importance of Brand awareness
Appreciate how digital tools are changing how products are promoted.
Differentiate authentic vs. inauthentic promotional messages.
Learn what User Generated Content (UGC) is and how it impacts the nature of promotion.
Learn what Doppelganger Brands are and how they impact the nature of the promotion.
Analyze a real-world case that employs the concept of UGC.
GoPro Case Study


Week 2

lesson A

Price We will then examine emerging digital concepts: Pay What You Want (PWYW) and Freemium pricing strategies.
Goals and Objectives

Understand the pricing aspect of the marketing mix.
Appreciate how digital tools are changing how products are priced.
Learn about the Freemium model and how this pricing strategy works.
Learn what Pay What You Want (PWYW) is and how this pricing strategy works.
Analyze a real-world case that employs a PWYW pricing strategy.

Lesson B

Understanding Digital Media
The Impacts of Digital Media on Human Communication
Content Marketing


Week 3

lesson A

Know Your Target: New Ways to Identify & Reach Target Consumers
Digital Content & Communication Channels
Online Advertising: Opportunities & Challenges

Lesson B

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Social media marketing
Video marketing
Email marketing
Website marketing
Paid search/contextual advertising
Understanding Mobiles

Week 4

Lesson A

What Is A Marketing Plan and How to Make One

Lesson B

students create a marketing plan for a company

digital marketing