Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

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Payment System

2 options to check in the future 




we will talk about it in class. I will prepare a video with subtitles soon.


Update as of March 2021

you can only send money from paypal to another paypal, you cannot receive so you would need to add a credid card to your paypal and then use the paypal account to pay online sites. this is actually very good, for example open a mastercard here in Hargeisa and add to your paypal account. it is more secure then pay directly with your MasterCard. you can read more about paypal options here

from last year: not sure if paypal will work, but try to setup the account anyway. be ready to have your ID card and correct information, name and date of birth. Make sure this perfectly correct, any mistake now and could be bad for your account standing.


2checkout is like paypal, you can use their links to setup your products and get paid by your customers, 2checkout, just like paypal, while paypal may have problems here in Somaliland 2checkout will work. to have a web site which allows your customers to pay is fundamental. Be ready to have an account at Dahabshi. It took me 10 days and 10 USD to get the account, ask them for the Djibuti East Africa Bank and the swift code (international banking system)


We saw today I could go to payonner and withdraw money from there to my Dahabshi bank account. Payoneer is great to receive money from freelancers and so on. Plus it will give you the opportunity to receive your very own debit card which will allow you to add to your paypal account and buy things in the internet.


Ikajo, is like 2checkout, I personally don’t know but I saw reviews that it works great for africa. Update, does not work for Somalia.


Make sure your Dahabshi is ready and setup.

Dahabshiil (swift code- International Banking System)

Next week we continue on this, I hope that you have setup this sites and now have a real ecommere payment system working.

use whatsup to contact me if you need help.

Continue with the domains and hosting

in Dahabshi Bank go to Mr. Hassan Ibrahim, tell him to open an account and that you are from Abaarso Tech Univ. with Teacher Paulo, the fee is $5 to open the account. 

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim

Hassan Ibrahim