Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

Paulo Santos

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Week 3

Lesson Plan: Exploring Payment Systems for E-commerce

Equip students with the knowledge of various online payment systems suitable for e-commerce, emphasizing their features, limitations, and the importance of setting up secure payment methods.

3 hours

Materials Required:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Projector for presentations
  • Access to listed payment system websites
  • A video (to be prepared by the instructor) on payment systems with subtitles

Part 1: Introduction to Payment Systems (15 minutes)

1.1. Overview of Online Payment Systems
– Importance of having a reliable and secure payment system for e-commerce
– Brief mention of the two potential options for future exploration: Skrill and Stripe

Part 2: Deep Dive into Payment Systems (90 minutes)

2.1. PayPal (20 minutes)
– Brief overview and history
– Update as of March 2021: Limitations for users in certain regions like Somaliland
– Recommendations for security: Using PayPal with a MasterCard from Hargeisa
– Reading material: PayPal Options

2.2. 2Checkout (20 minutes)
– Introduction and comparison with PayPal
– How 2Checkout can be beneficial for Somaliland residents
– Importance of having a Dahabshiil account for smooth transactions

2.3. Payoneer (20 minutes)
– Payoneer’s role in the freelance world and its benefits
– Demonstration: Withdrawing money to a Dahabshiil bank account
– Introduction to the Payoneer debit card and its uses

2.4. Ikajo (15 minutes)
– Brief overview of Ikajo and its services
– Update on its incompatibility with Somalia

2.5. Dahabshiil (15 minutes)
– Importance of having a Dahabshiil account
– Introduction to the swift code and the international banking system

Part 3: Setting Up and Verifying Payment Systems (30 minutes)

3.1. Practical Session (20 minutes)
– Guided session: Students set up accounts on the mentioned platforms
– Emphasize the importance of accurate information (ID card, name, date of birth) for account verification

3.2. Discussion and Q&A (10 minutes)
– Addressing common issues faced during setup
– Open floor for questions and clarifications

Part 4: Homework and Future Plans (15 minutes)

4.1. Assignment Overview (5 minutes)
– Encourage students to finalize their payment system setups and test them
– Assignment: Write a brief review of their experience with each platform

4.2. Preview of Next Week (5 minutes)
– Brief on the continuation of the topic next week and the expectation for students to have a working e-commerce payment system

4.3. Contact and Support (5 minutes)
– Encourage students to reach out via WhatsApp for any assistance during the week

Conclusion (10 minutes)

  • Recap the significance of secure and reliable payment systems for e-commerce
  • Emphasize the importance of setting up and testing these systems for a real-world business scenario
  • Open the floor for any final questions or discussions

Note: This lesson plan offers a comprehensive guide to online payment systems, tailored for regions with specific payment challenges.

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