Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

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Week 5

Lesson Plan: Introduction to cPanel, WordPress, and Setting Up an Online Business

Equip learners with the skills to use cPanel, establish a website using WordPress, and set up an online business with payment integration.

3 hours

Materials Required:

  • Computer with internet access
  • Access to cPanel
  • Access to WordPress
  • Accounts on 2checkout and dahabshi (for demonstration)

Part 1: Navigating cPanel (45 minutes)

1.1. Introduction to cPanel (10 minutes)
– Brief overview of cPanel and its significance in website management

1.2. Adding Emails through cPanel (15 minutes)
– Step-by-step guide on how to create and manage email accounts

1.3. Installing Software via cPanel (10 minutes)
– Demonstrating how to search for, select, and install software

1.4. Utilizing the Database in cPanel (10 minutes)
– Introduction to databases and how to access and manage them through cPanel

Part 2: Confirmations and Account Setups (30 minutes)

2.1. Final Exam Confirmation (5 minutes)
– Reiterate that the final exam will require each student to have an active site with payment integration for a product or service

2.2. Website Status Check (10 minutes)
– Ensure all students have their websites online
– Address any issues or queries related to website setup

2.3. Account Creation on Payment Platforms (15 minutes)
– Guide students through creating accounts on: – 2checkout – dahabshi

Part 3: Introduction to WordPress (45 minutes)

3.1. Overview of WordPress (15 minutes)
– Basics of WordPress and its role in website creation and management

3.2. Understanding Plugins and Themes (20 minutes)
– Introduction to plugins and themes: their significance and how they enhance website functionality and appearance
– Demonstrating how to search for, install, and activate plugins and themes

3.3. Introduction to Specific Plugins (10 minutes)
– GDPR Cookie Consent: Importance and setup
– SEOPress: Features and benefits for SEO optimization

Part 4: Setting Up an Online Store with WordPress (60 minutes)

4.1. Introduction to WooCommerce (20 minutes)
– Overview of WooCommerce and its capabilities for online businesses
– Step-by-step guide on setting up WooCommerce on WordPress

4.2. Ezusy Plugin for WooCommerce (20 minutes)
– Introduction to Ezusy and its benefits: Link
– Demonstrating how to integrate Ezusy with WooCommerce for dropshipping

4.3. Payment Integration (20 minutes)
– Discussing the importance of payment gateways in online businesses
– Demonstrating how to integrate 2checkout and dahabshi with WooCommerce

Conclusion (15 minutes)

  • Summarizing the key learnings from the session
  • Emphasizing the importance of having a fully functional website with payment integration for the final exam
  • Opening the floor for questions, clarifications, and discussions


  • Set up a product or service on their website with integrated payment options
  • Install and activate the GDPR Cookie Consent, SEOPress, and Ezusy plugins on their WordPress site
  • Document any challenges faced during the setup and how they were resolved

Note: This lesson plan provides a comprehensive guide for learners to understand cPanel, WordPress, and the essentials of setting up an online business.

    Week 5 with subtitles

    CPANEL where to go and what to do

    Main Points on WordPress

    How to setup a store with wordpress using the demos of the theme