Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

Paulo Santos

Email paulo@sopaulo.com

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step by step on how to register a free domain at Free Nom


go to https://my.freenom.com/

on the same browser on another tab open your email. or create a gmail account

on freenom on Services click Register a new domain

on the new page enter the domain you select, example hargeisaservicesXX.tk

if the domain is available it shows “
Yes hargeisaservices.tk is available!”

click Checkout

On the period option change 3 months to 12 months, if you select 1 year you will be asked to pay. so use the 12 months, after 11 months 15 days you will be asked to renew again free of charge.

click continue after you select 12 months.


“Please enter your email address and click verify to continue to the next step”

enter your email

click “Verify My Email Address”


now it says
Verification link sent to your email (your@email). The link is valid for only 24 hours. Go to your email inbox and click on the link.

go to your email and click on the link

it opens a new page on freenom, enter your name and address, use address anything you want, but select somalia and hargeisa

select your password, click accspt the terms of this site and continue, your domain should have been registered.

they ask you to login again, use your email and password.

now go to my domains, and on the little wheel for configuration click on it.

now on Management tools, click the arrow and then click “Nameservers”

select Custom nameservers

enter these ones which will point to one of my servers


click change nameservers. email me with your domain so I can add it to the hosting server. my email paulo@sopaulo.com

Free Hosting

check quora for information