Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

Paulo Santos

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Week Two, Getting Ready

Lesson Plan: Professional Online Presence and Understanding Products vs. Solutions

Equip students with the knowledge of maintaining a professional online presence, understanding the distinction between products and solutions, and preparing for their assessment.

2.5 hours

Materials Required:

  • Computer or projector for presentations
  • Internet access
  • WhatsApp for group creation
  • Examples of professional profiles, email signatures, and websites

Part 1: Setting Up a Professional Online Group (30 minutes)

1.1. Creation of WhatsApp Group (10 minutes)
– Guided walkthrough on how to set up a WhatsApp group
– Discuss the importance of professional group communication

1.2. Maintaining Professional Profiles (20 minutes)
– Importance of a professional profile picture and bio
– Review and feedback session: Students display their profiles and receive constructive feedback

Part 2: Email Etiquette and Professionalism (45 minutes)

2.1. Understanding Email Communication (15 minutes)
– Introduction to the importance of professional email communication
– Explanation of spam and how to avoid sending spammy content

2.2. Professional Email Profiles (20 minutes)
– Importance of a well-structured email profile
– Introduction and setup of email signatures
– Examples of good vs. bad email signatures

2.3. Assessment Breakdown (10 minutes)
– Detailed explanation of the assessment criteria: 40% project and 60% test
– Address any queries related to the assessment

Part 3: Recognizing Excellence (15 minutes)

3.1. Highlighting Awarded Students (15 minutes)
– Introduction to last year’s awarded students and their websites: Websoor and Adeegoo
– Discuss what made these websites stand out and how current students can take inspiration

Part 4: Products vs. Solutions (30 minutes)

4.1. Defining Products and Solutions (10 minutes)
– Explanation of the difference between products and solutions
– Emphasizing that while a product has potential, a solution addresses specific needs

4.2. Examples of Products and Services (10 minutes)
– Presentation of various examples to illustrate the difference
– Interactive discussion on each example

4.3. Group Activity (10 minutes)
– Students form small groups to discuss potential offerings for their websites
– Each group presents their ideas, and feedback is given

Conclusion (30 minutes)

  • Recap the importance of maintaining a professional online presence
  • Reiterate the distinction between products and solutions
  • Encourage students to think critically about their website offerings and how they can address specific needs
  • Open the floor for questions, discussions, and feedback


  • Students to refine their online profiles based on feedback
  • Draft a professional email signature
  • Begin brainstorming ideas for their project, considering both products and solutions

Note: This lesson plan is structured to ensure students understand the significance of professionalism in the digital realm and can differentiate between products and solutions.