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Digital Marketing

Paulo Santos


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Week 4 Lesson A

Samsung shop here in Hargeisa >> synergy analog + digital (online and shop store)

digital products like mp3 musics vs old vinyl records

case study diamonds are forever
shop of furniture, let people try the beds or mattress

case study
1-products invite friends neighbors, colleagues to check new products and order directly.
2- rent a p.o. box service in the states at $9 per month, have them scan your letters and email them to you and you give to your customer
3- sell phones numbers in the US


Marketing plan

1- Identify product or service benefits
a- write down every benefit, not features (example a tour agency will not show the airplanes but the destinations)
b- write down all the problems this service or product solves
c- emotional triggers (feelings, pride, happiness)

2- Identify your target customers (persona)
a- write down everything about your average customer (male, female, social class, married,single, occupation, age)
b- where to find them (where do they live, where to find them, what social media)

3- Goal and timeline of when tasks within your strategy will be completed (how to reach this targets and how long it will take)

4- Key performance indicators (KPIs) you will be tracking (measure current stats and measure stats every month after you start)


Further reading for a marketing plan