Entrepreneurship Semester 8

Online Business

Paulo Santos

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Sample test for the Exam

Online Entrepreneurship

1- what is entrepreneurship?
•     work hard to become a manager of large company
•     work hard to have your own company

2- if you are a webmaster with your own website and you want to put ads from google on your site, which one you use
•     adsense
•     adwords

3- what is swift code
•     a bank code that allows to transfer money from one bank to another in different countries
•     discount coupon so you can get a discount on a product you buy

4- where would you buy a domain dot com
•     from Telesom
•     from ministry of education Somaliland
•     godaddy.com

5- how much does it cost a dot com domain internationally (more or less)
•     $3
•     $35
•     $10

6- what is the difference between 2checkout and Payoneer ?
•     2checkout your customers can pay directly on your site with credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards
•     Payoneer only from account to account and it withdraws to your bank in Hargeisa
•     all the above

7- what is web hosting
•     sells advertising
•     buys products online
•     connects to your bank account
•     puts your website online

8- what do you need to run your site, select all that applies
•     get permission from the ministry of trade in Somaliland
•     buy a domain
•     upload your site

9- what is cpanel?
•     google customer dashboard
•     web hosting control panel
•     domain manager

10- what is SEO (search engine optimization)
•     is making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine
•     pay google monthly to have your site on the first results
•     Write an application with the Dahabshi Bank so that you can transfer money

11- what is a domain registrar
•     the place to hire a SEO
•     the place where you buy a domain
•     the place where you get certificate for your site

12- what are nameservers
•     a code you enter on cpanel
•     a URL you enter on the domain registrar

13- what is the use of nameservers
•     it makes your site faster
•     it allows you to sell products
•     it points your domain to your hosting

14- What is ALT TXT on HTML?
•     improve your images to high quality
•     describes the image on the site, is useful for the blind
•     tell your friends to visit your site

15- To optimize your site for search engines SEO, you have to have
•     use relevant keywords of your product or service
•     write an email to google
•     ask your friends to like your Facebook page

16- if you don’t have a web site and you want to make money online, what do you do, select all that applies
•     see youtube videos of Somalian singers
•     make a youtube channel
•     click on ads of google on other sites
•     see videos on YouTube on marketing strategies
•     start working on fiverr as a freelancer

17- what is fiverr?
•     offers 5 % discount on main products
•     you can sell or buy services

28- what is a freelancer?
•     a person works for themselves, rather than for a company
•     a person who lives from money from NGO

 19- what kind of services can you sell on fiverr? select all that applies
•     Marriage certificates
•     graphics designer
•     coding
•     web development
•     Mobile Development

 20- if you want to start a YouTube channel and you cannot make your own videos which license from youtube can you get?
•     Driver license from Hargeisa
•     Creative Commons
•     standard YouTube License

 21- what is social media agency
•     it is a travel agency for socializing
•     it is agency were you can sell your services

22- if you work as SEO consultant what would you do?
•     create Facebook pages and posts
•     optimize your customer site so that google will find it
•     find cheap products to sell

23- if you install wordpress on a site give me the name of three plugin which could be useful
•     ———–
•     ———–
•     ————

24- if you want to create an email on your site you contact the
•     domain registrar
•     talk to DHL here in Hargeisa
•     go to cpanel and create an email

25- what is internal link building
•     onsite>> links between pages on the same site
•     offsite >> links between sites